1 - At what time can we arrive ?

You are welcomed at 3 p.m. Would you please give us your precise time of arrival two days before the beginning of your stay? Following a simple request, everything is possible... ! You are provided with a rucksack which includes a bottle of water, a pair of binoculars, as well as our advice.

2 - Where are the tree houses to be found ?

For your tranquillity, the tree houses are between 300 and 800 metres from the meeting place, on the edge of the woods, plains, ponds and heath.

3 - How do you get to the tree houses ?

On foot or by “golf caddy” (type four wheel drive golf buggy), depending on your wish, your time of arrival and your tree house.

4 - What will we find in our tree houses ?

All the tree houses are equipped with beds with bed sheets, a table, chairs, glass candleholders, dry toilets (separated), hand basins (3 litres of water) as well as a terrace including a table, chairs and recliners.

5 - What clothing must we foresee ?

Nothing special but practical clothing... Travel light...

6 - What must we bring ?

The bed sheets are provided, you only have to think of your own washing linen and have a charged mobile phone.

7 - Is it allowed to smoke ?

On the terrace, yes! On the other hand, it is forbidden to smoke inside any tree house and in the forest.

8 - Is it possible to bring along our pet ?

Unfortunately, no, it is not possible.

9 - As for breakfast !

Put out for you at the foot of your tree from 8.30, it is included in the price for a night; then, it’s up to you to pull it up, onto your terrace.

10 - And, what about dinner ?

By reservation, a “regional” country lunch basket will be put out for you at the foot of your tree house; it will be up to you to pull it up onto your terrace.

11 - At what time must we get back ?

We ask you to be back at reception by 11pm.

12 - Where can we have a shower ?

Showers, wash basins and WC are at your disposal at reception.

13 - How do we book ?

You may book :

Availability / Reservations

14 - Are there gift vouchers ?

Of course! What’s more original than to offer a night in the trees !... :